Hi there! I’m thrilled you have stumbled upon my blog and I hope you enjoy what you read. I started this blog with no real rhyme or reason I just felt as though I needed a creative outlet and hence where Simply Millie came from. That’s exactly what this blog is about, just me and things I like and do!  If you enjoy all things home, life, makeup, animals and creative activities then this is the blog for you!

Now then.. Let me introduce myself, here’s a few things about me…


1) My Name is a lie…

Actually, my name is Amelia but I have always been known as Millie. It was one of those nicknames that just stuck from when I was little and have been known by it ever since. What does it matter? I think Simply Millie sounds better anyway…

2) I’m a teacher..

I’m a nursery school teacher.. seems irrelevant but it’s something to add to the list!

3) I love organisation and LISTS!

I love to have everything thing laid out, easy to read and follow to keep life in order. It helps me to not stress myself out and to have all my thoughts on paper written in front of me, makes me feel like my life is in line. (even if it’s far from it.) You name it, I’ve made a list for it, To-Do lists, shopping lists, baby name lists , things I want lists, etc etc. Expect to see lots of lists here!

4) I have 2 cats..

I have Sophie, who is a tortoise shell little girl and a little ginger tom, Lucky! Soph is mummy of Lucky. Sophie was given to me as an early Christmas present and I LOVE them both to pieces, even though they both can be very annoying and mischievous. I’m sure you will hear lots about them!


5) I have lots of hobbies…

I enjoy baking, note-booking & doodling, painting, planning, decorating my home, makeup, etc etc. The list can go on, basically anything that I can create or design, I’m all for it!

6) I’m a city girl.. Born & Raised…

I have spent my whole life growing up in London City and have always lived the north side of the river. I now have my first home with my boyfriend and two cats at 20 years old, I would love to move out of the city but for now I’m staying put!


That’s just a few things about me, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel at home! Be sure to follow my social media to keep up to date with me and latest blog posts!

Much Love,

xo, Millie ♡

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